Brother PR Series Cap & Cylinder Frames

Brother PRCF3 Complete Cap Frame Set

Complete Cap Frame Set

Compatible with Version 2.10 Only. The advanced cap frame set gives you a generous area for cap embroidery. Now it’s easy to add logos or your favorite phrase to a wide array of caps. The cap frame embroidery area is 130mm x 60mm, approximately 5” wide x 2.4” tall.


Cat#: PRCF3

Brother PRPCF1 Wider Cap Frame Set

Wider Cap Frame Set


Cat#: PRPCF1

Provides expanded embroidery area, allowing you to stitch caps virtually ear-to-ear. Total embroidery area is 14" x 2 3/8" (60mm x3 60mm). Includes14"x 2 3/8" (60mm x3 60mm) wide cap frame, cap frame driver, and mounting jig.

Brother XE2166001 Complete Cylinder Frame Set

Complete Cylinder Frame Set

The Cylinder Frame and Driver Set is suited for the PR620, PR650, PR655C and PR1000e models (can be used with PR600C once the machine has been upgraded). Embroider virtually anything that’s cylindrical and normally difficult to sew, such as holiday stockings, wine bottle bags, golf club covers, pants legs and other areas with ease. The cylinder frame embroidery area is 90 mm x 80 mm. Compatible with version 2.10 only.


Cat#: XE2166001

Brother PR Series Flat Frames

Brother PRH60 Small Embroidery Frame

Small Embroidery Frames

This Brother PRH60 60mm Embroidery Hoop is 2.36" and perfect for small projects. Versatile, the Brother PRH60 60mm Embroidery Hoop is a must have for home and professional embroiderers. 

Embroidering Area 40 x 60mm


Cat#: PRH60

Brother PRH300 Extra Large Embroidery Frame

Extra Large Embroidery Frames

This embroidery hoop one of the largest available for the PR Brother embroidery machine range! The frame has two fabric clamping screws and has a huge embroidery field. 

Sewing Area: 30cm x 20cm


Cat#: PRH300

Medium Embroidery Frames

This square embroidery hoop very popular and gives you the capability to embroider, quilt or sew in a much larger area! Expand your imagination and creativity with larger designs using the embroidery field of this frame. Not only designed to keep your fabric taut without slippage but also to handle speciality heavy fabrics.

Sewing Area: 10cm x 10cm


Cat#: PRH100

Brother PRH100 Medium Embroidery Frame

Large Embroidery Frames

This embroidery hoop is the most used and most popular size and gives you the capability to embroider, quilt or sew in a much larger area! Expand your imagination and creativity with larger designs using the embroidery field of this frame. Not only designed to keep your fabric taut without slippage but also to handle speciality heavy fabrics. 

Sewing Area: 18cm x 13cm


Cat#: PRH180

Brother PRH180 Large Embroidery Frame
Brother PRH360 Extra Extra Large Embroidery Frame

Extra Extra Large Embroidery Frames

Create extra large designs without the need to reposition your fabric.

Total embroidery area is 360 x 200mm


Cat#: PRPH360

Brother PRPJF360 Jumbo Embroidery Frame

Jumbo Embroidery Frames

One of the largest frames available for a multi-needle embroidery machine. Perfect for making wall hangings, jacket backs 
and other large designs. Must be used with Arm B embroidery frame holder and table included in the PR-1000. 

Embroidery area 360 x 360mm


Cat#: PRPJ360

Brother PRPQF200 Square Quilt Frame

Square / Quilt Frame

Create quilt patterns more efficiently. Sized to fit traditional quilting squares. Perfect for children's shirts or children's jacket-backs, totes and backpacks. Must be used with Arm B embroidery frame holder. For heavy objects the optional table is recommended.

Area is 200 x 200mm


Cat#: PRPQF200

Brother VRBF180 Border Frame

Border Frame

Embroider beautiful continuous designs and borders. Ideal for a wide range of projects from fashion to furnishings. The usage of the wide table is recommended.

Area is 180 x 100mm


Cat#: VRBF180

Brother VRTF200 Square Quilt Frame

Square / Quilt Frame

Area is 200 x 200mm


Cat#: VRTF200

Brother PRPBF1 Border Frame

Border Frame

Designed for long objects such as table runners. Re-hoop your fabric without removing the frame. Just release the latches, slide the fabric to the next embroidery position, and relock. Must be used with Arm B embroidery frame holder included in the PR-1000.

Area is 300 x 100mm


Cat#: PRPBF1

Brother PRPRFK1 Round Frame Set

Round Frame Set of 3

The Round Frame Kit is easy to use when it comes to working with logos on the chest of the shirt. The Kit includes 3 Round Frames and Arm C which is needed to attach the frames to the machine.

3 sizes are 100mm, 130mm & 160mm



Brother PR Series Clamp Frames

Brother PRCL1 Clamp Frame

Clamp Frames 1,2 and 3


Cat#: PRCL1

The cylinder frame set allows you to stitch fashion and logo embroidery on long narrow pant legs, sleeves and other locations with ease. Compatible with Version 2.10 only.

Embroidery area is 90mm x 80mm

Brother PRCLP45BAP Clamp Frame

Clamp Frame Arm - D & Straight

These frames are designed with exceptional grip strength to hold the items in place during embroidering. The arm size is designed small enough to fit down into most shoe sides and still have an adequate stitch field for logos, flags, initials, names, numbers etc. The frame has an aggressive non-slip surface to hold leather and nylon secure during embroidery.




Clamp Frame Arm - D, L & R



Brother VRCLP45B Straight Clamp Frame

Straight Clamp Frame

Clamp Frame S Set, The clamp frame kit is ideal for adding embroidery to shoes, inner jacket pockets, cuffs, gloves and much more.

Clamp frame size 45 x 24mm


Cat#: VRCLP45B

Brother VRCLP100BAP Set M Clamp Frame

Clamp Frame Set M

The unique construction of this frame provides strong holding power, yet without ‘hoop burn’ on your fabric. The click and snap design allows you to hoop your project easily in seconds. The combination of a smooth rubber grip and a textured fabric grip helps keep your project in place, without damaging the fibers.

Area is 100 x 100mm



Brother PRCLPM1AP Clamp Frame

Clamp Frame M Set & Arm D

Area is 100 x 100mm



Other Brother PR Series Frames

Brother PRHSL200AP Sleeve Frame

Sleeve Frame

This frame is the perfect size for embroidering difficult to access areas such as jacket sleeves, pant legs, kids’ T-shirts and baby rompers. It features a unique ‘wing’ design in which the adjustable screw is placed at one corner, allowing the frame to hold your fabric more securely

Area is 70 x 200mm


Cat#: PRHSL200AP

Brother PRHCK1AP Compact Frame Kit

Compact Frame Kit

Designed specifically for the PR1050X, this Compact Frame Kit includes four mini frames, ranging in size from 1.25" x 1.75" to 2" x 2". These frames allow you to easily add embroidery to smaller areas such as pants, shirt and jacket pockets; shirt sleeves; and craft items.



Brother PRMFA50AP Magnetic Frame Set

Magnetic Frame Set

This magnet hoop and arm set is perfect for those difficult, hard-to-embroider items like collars, cuffs, delicate materials and even leather. Avoiding movement and hoop burn, the hoop holds your material tightly. They are easy to snap in and out to improve your productivity. 

Area is 50 x 50mm



Magnetic Hoop Jig

Free-Arm Mounting Jig for Magnetic Frame/Compact Frame. When embroidering cylindrical items, this mounting jig can be used to secure the magnetic frame or compact frame in order to hoop the fabric easily and securely.

Area is 50 x 50mm




Miscellaneous Brother PR Series Accessories

Brother VRFMK1 Free Motion Kit

Free Motion Kit


Cat#: VRFMK1

The Free Motion Quilting Kit E1 ensures that the PRS100 can easily be converted into a free motion quilting machine. The large wide table in this kit supports the fabric while quilting. And you can add free-motion stippling designs to quilts or create your own free-motion thread designs and artwork.

Brother VRPRNSTD Stand




Our metal stand, specially designed for the PRS100, now has a wider table area with rounded edges and extra storage for all your large frames, like the Cap Frame and Cylinder Frame. Improved legs on the stand allow you to adjust the legs in two inch increments. The metal stand uses rubber and secures your machine with locks to resist vibration while in use. Locking wheels allow for easy moving and transportation.

Brother PRWT1 Wide Table

Wide Table


Cat#: PRWT1

Easy to snap and lock in place. Durable surface, great for supporting large or heavy items like quilting squares, towels, blankets, jackets and rugs. Use with the Jumbo Frame to avoid excess hoop and fabric weight on the machine. The Wide Table Top is included with the PR-1000.

Brother VRWT1 Wide Table

Wide Table


Cat#: VRWT1

Use this wide table to support large and heavy projects, such as blankets, jackets, etc. It is recommended to stabilize the fabric.

Brother PRBW1 Bobbin Winder

Bobbin Winder


Cat#: PRBW1

Bobbin winder for the PR (Multi needle) series. Set your bobbin thread vertically on this stand and wind bobbins on this independent bobbin winder. Perfect for customizing bobbin thread colors.