Brother Sewing Machines


Brother JA1450NT

The JA1450NT easy-to-use sewing machine has the features to help you easily tackle your first sewing project.

Brother GS2510 Sewing Machine

Brother GS2510

The Brother GS2510 is a huge step forward for entry level sewing machines.

Brother GS2700 Sewing Machine

Brother GS2700

The Brother GS2700 does not need to be oiled, which makes it a clean and easy to maintain entry level sewing machine


Brother A16

Smart sewing made simple. The Brother Innov-is A16 is the perfect choice to advance your skills from novice to expert.


Brother A80

The Brother Innov-is A80 - Innov-is quality stitching in a sturdy, value-packed sewing machine.

Brother A150

The Brother Innov-is A150 - a sewing machine designed to grow with you as you take your skills and creativity to the next level.

Brother NV1100 Sewing Machine

Brother NV1100

From the beginner to the experienced sewer, the Innov-is NV1100 machine has a great range of features that allow you to be creative with your projects offering convenience, flexibility and quality, all at an affordable price you’ll be sure to love

Brother NV1300 Sewing Machine

Brother NV1300

Bring fashion to life with the Innov-is NV1300 and create beautiful sewing and quilting projects with the easy to use sewing machine.