Specialist Kits

Brother BWRK1 Bobbin Work Kit

Bobbin Work Kit


Cat#: BWRK1

With this Bobbin work kit, you can create a  three-dimensional appearance to the surface of the fabric using ribbon or heavy-weight-thread.

Brother FMG2AP Free Motion Grip

Free Motion Guide Grip

The free-motion guide grip keeps your fabric taut and allows your fabric or quilt to easily move in any direction when doing free-motion quilting or free hand embroidery.

Compatible with all models


Cat#: FMG2AP

Brother NFA1 Needle Felting Attachment

Needle Felting Attachment

Creates beautiful surface embellishment on fabric with wool roving, yarns etc using the needles to push through the wools.

Compatible with PQ Series


Cat#: NFA1

Brother NFAHS1AP Needle Felting Attachment

Needle Felting Attachment

The Needle Felting Kit has an attachment that fits all V-series machines and quickly and securely helps you punch wool rovings, fabrics, felt or yarns into a base fabric. You will love the simplicity with which you can embellish virtually any fabric without the need for a separate machine.

Compatible with XV, V Series



Brother QKF2AP Creative Quilting Kit

Creative Quilting Kit

This 6-piece kit includes everything you need to master quilting on your Brother NV sewing machine.

Compatible with NV1100, NV1300


Cat#: QKF2AP

Brother CIRC1 Circular Attachment

Circular Attachment

Create precise circles with our Circular Sewing Attachment, with circle radius ranging from 30mm to 130mm. A great tool for creating circles with straight stitching, zigzag, embellishing & decorative stitches.


Cat#: CIRC1